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Product Features

Key Advantages

Implementing FinAlyzer takes half the time and a fraction of the cost compared to traditional EPM solutions

A unified platform to automate all aspects of management & statutory financial consolidation & reporting

FinAlyzer helps reduce consolidation cycle by over 75%. Spend more time on analysis and less time on data preparation

Scheduled interface helps in straight through processing, reporting & keeping the data current

Complex multi-level hierarchies in different currencies and alternate reporting hierachies can be easily consolidated with a single click

Eliminate compliance risks and huge compliance costs, through fast and accurate reporting

Automate inter-company eliminations and time-consuming inter-company reconciliations

Rich profitability & cost analysis by various business segments and flexible cost allocation for better alignment of resource & cost drivers

Key Features

Financial Accounting Reporting Tool
Consolidation workflow

Consolidation view tells you where you are in the close process at all times of the workflow. Get a bird’s eye view of activities that are completed, and those that are yet to be done. Seamlessly complete your consolidation with a single click.


Unlimited reporting hierarchies

Support any number of alternate reporting hierarchies (taxonomies) to take care of various reporting statutory & management reporting requirements. FinAlyzer provides out-of-box support for INDAS, INGAAP, IFRS, USGAAP, Management reports & dashboards making the entire implementation roll-out fast and easy.

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Unified chart of accounts

Map all your entities to a single chart of accounts for standardized reporting across the organization irrespective of underlying ERP used.


Close & Consolidation processes simplified

Post Journal entries and reclassifications, Automatic inter-company eliminations, inter-company transaction reconciliation, automatic minority interest & goodwill calculation, multi-level consolidation, handling of subsidiaries, JVs, associates etc, handle multiple financial periods, creation of unlimited scenarios (actual, budget, forecast, movement etc).

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Support any number of currencies

Consolidate, translate & report foreign currency in accordance with latest standards with complete audit trail. Ability to over-write exchange rate with historical rate.


Configurable & customizable reports

Use standard reporting templates or create your own. Reports provide slicing & dicing through dimensions & click-through drill-downs. View as web reports, export to excel or export to PDF. Drill down up to general ledger account level of each entity - from management reports & financial reports.

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Print ready financial statements:

Directly from trial balance in multiple required formats. Reports can be configured exactly as per auditor provided financial report formats including schedules & non-financial information using sophisticated excel add-ins that dynamically synchronize with FinAlyzer server data.


Actionable insights:

Performance dashboards: Easily analyse corporate performance using key performance indicators, trends, drill-downs & variances. Get alerted on misses and take timely action. Profitability & Performance management: Configure sophisticated financial models for supporting multiple allocation methods for costs & revenue for segmentwise profitability reporting.

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Audit trails and controls:

Strong controls and audit trails ensure that authorized users access required information. Audit logs & reports provide the required transparency. Corporate lock once numbers are finalized- to prevent any further changes at lower level.





Seamless interface to source systems: 

Connect with any ERP for seamless processing of source data. Use scheduled jobs for automatic data refresh or trigger data uploads on-demand. Ability to load non-financial data as well, both for financial reporting and to generate derived KPIs for management reporting.

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Financial Accounting Reporting Tool
Inter-company eliminations are handled in multiple ways

Transaction level elimination across currencies or automatically knock-off inter-company GL's across companies

Inter-company reconciliation report to easily reconcile transactions across companies and to make sure that any differences are easily identified and fixed. A special type of triangulation rate called 'transaction rate' can be additionally used to make it easier to reconcile inter-company transactions across different currencies.


Calendar year vs Financial year 

Ability to handle different accounting periods. FinAlyzer has the capability to automatically generate the TB across different reporting periods (viz. Jan to Dec or Apr to Mar), making it possible to consolidate and prepare financials irrespective of the accounting calendar followed by the entities participating in the consolidation.

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Profitability & Performance management

FinAlyzer provides rich profitability & cost analysis by various business segments for better alignment of resource & cost drivers. Key benefits include identifying attributes of profitability with multi-dimensional analysis, allocate costs accurately with a flexible allocation engine with configurable rules that supports any methodology for allocation, gain confidence in allocation with accurate drill-downs and allocation reports, strategically allocate company resources with accurate profitability & cost information, improve product & customer segmentation and thereby run focussed marketing campaigns